Tuesday, March 27, 2007

6 year old wearing satin panties

i kid you not. on one of the forums i used to frequent but not so much there was a post there about a mother desperately searching for satin panties for her 6 year old to wear. yes. the reason? her 6 year old hates her cotton panties and refuses to wear them. she's even caught her going commando a few times too. so now she found a pair up in canada somewhere and washes it everyday so her 6 year old can be happy. wtf? did i miss something here? she states that her daughter takes forever straightening out her cotton undies. first of all. you're the parent, you tell your kid she does NOT need to wear satin panties. satin is bad, you should NOT wear it every single day. it's not breathable, and you're instilling bad habits in your kid. there are better cuts of panties out there and better brands. hell they even have princess and spongebob on them. cotton is better, and you're encouraging your kid to get a yeast infection.
13 year olds are buying thongs. what for? i don't know. 9 year olds want to wear hooker make up and now 6 year olds demand satin panties. wtf is wrong with our society today? have i just missed something? ugh....

Monday, March 12, 2007


Hair removal. most girls pluck their eyebrows, and shave their pits and legs. kudos for them. but then there is that ever so sensitive area region. hopefully most girls maintain that area and don't let it run free and turn into the amazon rain forest. I for one do not need a case of spidercrotch nor do i wish to see anyone else's. Anyways for a while i did maintain it. and then i shaved...yes *shudders* for a while actually before i realized waxing was a better solution. Now before you get all crazed on me, and say that's painful and blah blah blah. yes the first time is painful, esp when you've been shaving. ugh. that was bad, but afterwards it's pretty ok. i do like the results. much smoother and nicer. and yes the hair grows back but then you go and get it done again. its esp good duriing the summer while running around in a bathing suit, esp if you've gone somewhere nice and warm and don't need to be thinking about shaving and what not.
so one really good place that i've discovered and still go to today is the Jadore Spa in NYC. its run by a bunch of eastern european ladies who do waxes all day and are fast and quick. they try to make it as painless as possible. Natasha is the one that started it and she's amazing, but she gets booked up really fast. Angela is really good to, that's who I go to see. You're in and out in less than 15 dependin on how much hair you got going on.
But please ladies it doesn't hurt as much as you think it would. yes the first time you shower right after it is weird, makes you feel like you're a kid again, but u don't have to take everything off, course i do cause it's kinda like well they're already waxing what's a patch of triangle hair left anyways?
I should mention that Jadore Spa is pretty cheap for waxes. Its only $30, they're clean and it's better if u pay in cash cause then you don't pay tax. so be brave ladies. it's not as bad as you think.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Shallow Girl

every girl's a little shallow at times. esp if you live in NYC of all places. sometimes we become or try to become those girls we see on sex in the city for some reason, to be hip, and trendy and sexy or cute and intelligent all at the same time. yeah it usuallyd doesn't work out that well cause there's only carrie. and rest of us are just us. oh wellz....
i worked in fashion for about 6 months, it was an interesting experience where everything was based on your outward apperance. I saw all the things that were in that season, and slowly now I'm seeing the mainstream masses catch on. I have to say when you see stuff in forever21 that was shown 2 season's ago during fashion week you kinda realize how cheap and desperately they want ot be trendy.
i think i'll be posting a lot about knock offs cause that's what everyone is into, you see it in magazien you want it, but can't have it so you settle for a knock off...oh women...why oh why....
But there are a few col stores that you can buy stuff for cheap, not forever21 that is.

Daffy's - a discount store, I found a lot of cool free people stuff there. I <3 free people. they also carry lots of designer stuff, not aht i'm saying you should buy designer, but let's face it we're all little shallow. and they have a nice selection of calvin klein bras and panties.

TJ Maxx & Marshalls - other discount stores, I actually got these 2 cute Dooney & Burke bags there, releatvily cheap, not too expensive, and they're cute.

Macy's @ 34th Street. - the biggest macy's in the world, so it states. you gotta dig through the sales rack but it's well worth it, esp if you have a macy's card then you usually get another 15% off, sometimes it really does help. I've found countless of designer stuff there for really cheap. you'd be surprised how much stuff costs when you scan it in.