Tuesday, March 27, 2007

6 year old wearing satin panties

i kid you not. on one of the forums i used to frequent but not so much there was a post there about a mother desperately searching for satin panties for her 6 year old to wear. yes. the reason? her 6 year old hates her cotton panties and refuses to wear them. she's even caught her going commando a few times too. so now she found a pair up in canada somewhere and washes it everyday so her 6 year old can be happy. wtf? did i miss something here? she states that her daughter takes forever straightening out her cotton undies. first of all. you're the parent, you tell your kid she does NOT need to wear satin panties. satin is bad, you should NOT wear it every single day. it's not breathable, and you're instilling bad habits in your kid. there are better cuts of panties out there and better brands. hell they even have princess and spongebob on them. cotton is better, and you're encouraging your kid to get a yeast infection.
13 year olds are buying thongs. what for? i don't know. 9 year olds want to wear hooker make up and now 6 year olds demand satin panties. wtf is wrong with our society today? have i just missed something? ugh....

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whats the forum?