Saturday, March 10, 2007

Shallow Girl

every girl's a little shallow at times. esp if you live in NYC of all places. sometimes we become or try to become those girls we see on sex in the city for some reason, to be hip, and trendy and sexy or cute and intelligent all at the same time. yeah it usuallyd doesn't work out that well cause there's only carrie. and rest of us are just us. oh wellz....
i worked in fashion for about 6 months, it was an interesting experience where everything was based on your outward apperance. I saw all the things that were in that season, and slowly now I'm seeing the mainstream masses catch on. I have to say when you see stuff in forever21 that was shown 2 season's ago during fashion week you kinda realize how cheap and desperately they want ot be trendy.
i think i'll be posting a lot about knock offs cause that's what everyone is into, you see it in magazien you want it, but can't have it so you settle for a knock off...oh women...why oh why....
But there are a few col stores that you can buy stuff for cheap, not forever21 that is.

Daffy's - a discount store, I found a lot of cool free people stuff there. I <3 free people. they also carry lots of designer stuff, not aht i'm saying you should buy designer, but let's face it we're all little shallow. and they have a nice selection of calvin klein bras and panties.

TJ Maxx & Marshalls - other discount stores, I actually got these 2 cute Dooney & Burke bags there, releatvily cheap, not too expensive, and they're cute.

Macy's @ 34th Street. - the biggest macy's in the world, so it states. you gotta dig through the sales rack but it's well worth it, esp if you have a macy's card then you usually get another 15% off, sometimes it really does help. I've found countless of designer stuff there for really cheap. you'd be surprised how much stuff costs when you scan it in.

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