Friday, April 13, 2007

Express staff is bad

So while the express was having its sale I went in and looked around. Then after their massive sale had ended I came back and looked around again. They had a few more tops on sale and i tried some on and they were flattering. so i decided ok. I'll get them. But the salesgirl was giving me the express card pitch. which i already have but never bring with me. i swear do they get a comission from it? anyways the girl who was at the register who was walking around complaining about the CD was taking her sweet ass time. The girl was finally done and I was able to pay. Now i had 2 tops, and apparently one of them didn't have a tag. And the sales girl was like well can you go get another one with the same size? WTF? You're gonna ask ME the customer to get another shirt with a tag on it so your lazy ass can stand there and do nothing, meanwhile there's a bunch of sales ppl talking and chilling and discussing the CD being played. WTF?! I looked at her like are you kidding me? And then she had the nerve to go i'll be right here waiting. WTF?!
But anyways needless to say the outcome of this was that I was not amused, nor should I be. I complained, oh yes I complained. I complained the fact that everyone in the store was being lazy and retarded. It made me NOT want to shop there. The response from corporate was that they would speak to them in the store. BLAH. and the disctrict manager was going to deal with them. BLAH. and they sent me a $20 gift card. Lesser Blah. But still blah. but i had to tell them how crappy they were. And i wouldn't let that go, seriously. I've worked in retail before. And I know your ass isn't suppose to be lazy like that unless there is NO ONE in the store and even then you should be tyding up the place. God Express employees there were so lazy. I'm NEVER going back to that store.
now what i'm saying isn't that we should all complain and bitch for stuff, but if someone has done something wrong, or is being really lazy and not working or doing their job yes I'm gonna complain and bitch them out for it. You want my money right? you want me to spend $$$ in your store so fucking work for it! and stop being lazy!
don't even get me started on the time the ppl at the chanel counter were being so fucking rude at saks 5th ave. god they were so rude that i complained and spoke to the manager as well as emailed them on their website. Needless to say the outcome was that they sent me a ton of stuff from the chanel line, yes i had the chanel counter sent to me. but still they were really rude. i've been to other chanel counters and they're pretty civil and nice, they answer ur questions and don't totally ignore you repeatedly...anyways happy shopping this weekend ladies!

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